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Multifunctional hydraulic boom breaker

Publisher: Release time:2021/7/12 15:34:30 Click:1

The hydraulic boom breaker uses a crushing equipment. i.e. a hydraulic breaker, to convert the hydraulic energy through the oil circuit to convert the piston rod up and down high-speed motion into mechanical energy, and hammer the drill rod.


The drill rod floats in the machine of the breaker. The rod points to the ore, so that the ore is crushed under the impact of the hammer and drill rod to complete the crushing task;


in order to quickly capture the force point and impact direction of the crushed ore, use the big arm, the second arm, the curved rod, and the connecting rod, composing the luffing mechanism and the slewing mechanism composed of the rod rotary hammer can have a higher moving direction and working range, and improve the efficiency of the crushing work;


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