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Fixed Type hydraulic grab machine
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QSHI-360 Fixed Type hydraulic grab machine configuration


       Engine Type:Cummins 6BTA5.9-C325


       Motor power/speed:132kw/1480rpm

       Main pump:FLUTEK

       Working pressure: 31.5Mpa  

       Main vavle:Parker Korea

       Slewing reducer:SUNJIN

       Slewing speed: 0-9rpm     

       Overall dimension: 13700*3000*3100mm



Main dimension

                  Arm length: 9600mm

                The second arm length: 6000mm

Grab capacity:  1.0m³ Orange peel grab         1.5-2.5m³ Clamshell grab

 Maximum grasping height: 9390mm

Maximum grasping diatance: 14385mm

Radius when maximum grasping height: 10110mm

Maximum grasping depth:10335mm

The radius when maximum grasping depth:8940mm

Working cycle time:18-20s

Work efficiency: 380-450T/h