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Dust-proof type hopper
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Dust-proof type hopper


       This equipment is mainly used for the unloading and loading of bulk cargoes. The bulk cargo is grabbed by a portal grab crane, and the grabbing materials are run to the loading and unloading by the relevant operation mechanism of the gate grab crane. Above the system, the grab is opened by the PLC control system of the portal crane and the bulk cargo is unloaded into the unloading funnel of the loading and unloading system; an electrohydraulic push rod control device is located on the discharge opening of the unloading funnel. It is used to control the flow of material, so that it is safe and effective when loading the vehicle, which greatly improves work efficiency.
 The hopper of this equipment is divided into two layers, because the lower hopper of the upper hopper is relatively large, the hopper is not easy to raise dust, the suction port of the dust collector is arranged in the middle of the two layers, and the upper and lower material ports are sealed and dusted with a pulse bag filter.
      The funnel designed by our company is mainly used for loading and unloading coal slag, cement powder and iron powder, and can be designed according to the requirements of customers. The dedusting device, electro-hydraulic door device and vibration feeding device can be installed on the funnel, which greatly improves the Handling efficiency. This equipment includes bagging machine, main support steel frame, gravity feed funnel, power distribution box, discharge chute, bag holder, pneumatic system and some optional devices such as dust collector, empty Presses, etc. Among them, the DCS bagging machine consists of feeders, weights, etc. This device is used for weighing and bagging various small particle materials such as grain, dried cassava, fertilizer, PVC powder, small pellet feed, etc. Small particles of ore, bauxite and so on.