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QSHI nickle ore remote control grab

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The radio remote control grab is a bulk grab that applies radio remote control technology to a single rope grab. It is widely used in cranes and port cranes. Our company has developed a new type of remote-controlled nickel ore grab for efficiently loading and unloading nickel ore in response to the problem of loading and unloading nickel ore at the port terminal at this stage. It can effectively solve the problem of sticky material and greatly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading. At the same time, it can also grab other bulk cargoes, such as ore, coal, sand and so on.

The working principle of the remote control nickel ore grab

    The working principle of the remote control nickel ore grab is the same as that of the ordinary remote control grab. The difference is that the ordinary remote control grab is only suitable for grabbing bulk materials. For special materials like nickel ore, the nickel ore will be affected by the grabbing process. Severe squeezing causes nickel ore to stick to the bucket body, so a large part of the material will stick to the bucket body when the grab is opened. After opening and unloading, the grab must be closed before returning to continue to grab goods.


The bottom plate of the new remote control nickel ore grab bucket body adopts a straight line design and there is no rib inside the bucket body. In this way, when the grab is grabbing nickel ore, the material will not be squeezed, and the grabbed nickel ore is loose, so when the grab is opened and unloaded, all the nickel ore will fall, and the grab does not need to be closed after unloading. You can continue to grab material. In this way, the material will not fall down and hurt people or fall to the ground or into the sea during the entire grasping process, which greatly reduces pollution and loss.


When the remote control nickel ore grab is applied to the port terminal, the efficiency is much higher than that of the ordinary mechanical grab. The efficiency of loading and unloading nickel ore is more obvious. When applied to bulk carriers, the efficiency of grabbing nickel ore is also improved a lot compared with ordinary remote control grabs.

The bottom plate of the ordinary grab bucket is designed with a straight line and a circular arc, which causes the material to be squeezed and stick to the bucket when grabbing nickel ore. The bottom plate and the side plate of the remote control nickel ore grab bucket body adopt a large arc transition, and the end of the bottom plate adopts an open structure, so that the grab nickel ore does not stick to the bucket.

QSHI remote-controlled nickel ore grab is easy to use, can be used when hooked up, simple operation, low failure rate; in addition to efficient loading and unloading of nickel ore, it can also load and unload other bulk cargo, without having to change the grab for different materials.

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