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Container overturned forklift
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                                                      Container overturned forklift


The 35 ton container tilting forklift QSHI-T-35 has been launched to realize the organic combination of the forklift body and rotating technology of the large forklift on the off-road handling equipment, which improves the efficiency of loading and unloading bulk cargo containers.


It is mainly used for loading and unloading container transfer soil generated by urban subway construction, shipping coal at port coal yard, steel slag for steel mills, grain and mineral powder, etc. in ISO standard 20-foot container bulk containers.


The container tilting forklift is optimized on the basis of 50-ton forklift. It is equipped with a 360-degree turning attachment for the container. The fork is inserted into the fork hole of the 20-foot container on the flatbed, and the boom is raised horizontally to make the container horizontally disengaged from the flatbed.

Then transport the full load container to the freight yard and raise the fork to the height of 3900mm. It can rotate the container 360 degrees to realize the bulk cargo (coal, mineral powder, steel slag, grain, etc.) inside the container from the side or top of the container, and finally restore the empty container to the flatbed

 It realizes the 20ft bulk cargo container handling to be quick and safe; the container can be lifted, rotated to the angle required for the operation, and the loading equipment can be loaded into the container, which is simple and flexible to operate.



Load: 35 tons of 20-ft container

Engine power: 199kw

Lifting height: 3900 mm

Tire: 29.5R29

Product description: 35-ton 20-ft container heavy tilting forklift 20-ft container tilting heavy forklift.